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Routines Create Active Wellness

Routines help us.  They provide a sense of familiarity and comfort.  So, when we want to live a healthy lifestyle of Active Wellness, the easiest way is to create a comfortable routine that we can stick to.

Look at children and dogs, for example.  They thrive on routine.  Same time to get up, to go to school (or go for a walk if it’s the dog), to have meals, to go to bed.  Switching it up can feel disruptive to them, so ideally, their routines are healthy to begin with!  There are five main goals to keep in mind as we create our healthy routines:

Grownups are not so different: when we establish a healthy routine, the body and mind get into a nice rhythm.  The trick is to make your healthy routine do-able.  You can change your routine, bit by bit if you want to make further improvements, but the basic parts of a healthy regimen revolve around eating and drinking right, getting enough sleep, exercising consistently, breathing fresh air and being conscious of our thoughts.  That really means we need to pay attention to our mental state as well as our physical condition.  There are five main goals to keep in mind as we create our healthy routines:

    1. Better Immunity: A robust immune system not only helps us function at a high level, but it also helps us prevent illness and recover more quickly if we do contract something.  A nutrient-dense diet, plenty of restful sleep, exercise and a clear mind all help to boost immunity.
    2. Improve Mood: Happiness.  It’s what we all want and it begins with a good mood.  It improves our confidence levels and even helps our social lives.  A good mood works hand-in-hand with a positive can-do attitude.  Foods high in antioxidants and minerals have been shown to help fight depression and exercise is known to get our feel-good endorphins in motion.  Drinking water throughout the day also keeps us happy: no one is in a good mood when they’re feeling thirsty.
    3. Boost Energy: Everyone wants to feel energetic and with our modern hectic lifestyles, we can all use more!  The busier we are, the more prone we might be to skipping meals or eating not-so-healthy fast foods.  The best ways to boost energy levels are to eat a balanced diet, exercise regularly and stay on a sleep schedule.  Fad diets are not helpful over the long run to keep energy at high levels.
    4. Prevent Sickness: Regardless of our genetic makeup, it’s best to prevent sickness rather than deal with it.  Knowing your family history can be helpful, as some issues are hereditary.  For example, some people may have high cholesterol because both their parents do.  Regardless of genetics, staying with the basics of eating lots of vegetables/fruit, breathing fresh air, staying active daily and getting enough rest can be a great formula for maintaining flexible joints, a healthy heart and weight, balanced blood sugar levels and clear thinking.
    5. Longevity: Living a long life has been a goal of people around the world.  But living long without good health is not so desirable.  Once again, the key is to stay healthy with a proper diet and healthy routine.  In other words, create healthy habits, stay with them year after year, and that will up your chances of living to a pleasant old age.

So much of an Active Wellness lifestyle depends on what we grow up with, so it’s up to us to educate our youngsters.  Not only can we practice what we preach, but we can role model it.  What might be an area we have to improve in our own lifestyles, can be something the next generations start out with: breathing fresh air, eating an abundance of vegetables and fruit, exercising daily, drinking water rather than sugary, caffeinated or alcoholic beverages, sleeping on a healthy schedule and thinking positive thoughts.

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